UV-Free Zone

UV-Free Zone

We believe in healthy tanning and our salon is completely UV-Free with powerful ventilation systems.
Natural & Organic

Natural & Organic

We only use ALL Natural & Organic based products to contribute to healthy spray tanning.

The NEW VersaPRO

With more than 90 combinations, it's the most innovative-comprehensive-customizable automated UV-Free tanning booth in the world!
Happy Bride

Bridal Packages

You and your wedding party will benefit from an even skin tone.



Featured Business of the Month

Barre Fitness is a boutique studio that prides themselves on focused attention to their clients in a community focused studio. They also ensure the safety and efficacy of their proven exercise program. In addition to Barre classes, they also offer TRX classes, TRX/barre fusion classes, and high intensity interval training classes. Their Barre classes are full body workouts focusing on core strength and lower body strength and sculpting. Their Barre classes translate to other fitness methods, helping to improve performance in other realms, such as running, swimming, cycling, CrossFit, etc. with commitment to their classes, you will feel and see results quickly.