At You Glow Spray Tan, our goal is to provide you with a superior, flawless and consistent custom spray tan. We educate you on the benefits of sunless tanning, proper maintenance techniques and offer advice and products that will improve your sunless tanning results. Our studio is set up with powerful ventilation systems to provide a healthy spray tan environment.

Customized Options

We offer different types and brands of custom spray tans AND the most advanced automated spray booth on the market to best suit your needs or skin type. Our consultations lead you to the perfect result.

At You Glow, it is all about detail, customization and OPTIONS! Our high-quality UV-FREE zone will satisfy all your sunless needs.

Healthy & UV-Free

The look and health of your skin is our priority. We only offer natural and organic based spray tan solutions that are among the best in the world, to include a variety from:

  • Vani-T (made in Australia)
  • Tampa Bay Tan (made in the USA)
  • Kahuna Bay (made in the USA)
  • South Seas (made in the USA)
  • Sunless Inc’s Ultra PRO Bronzer & Clear (made in the USA)
  • Spraytanpro (made in the United Kingdom)


Our inventory of solutions are made with the finest exotic natural and organic ingredients, contain antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients, eco-certified approved DHA and are paraben-free.

Be healthy and GLOW SUNLESS!

You Glow Cares about the Facts

One person dies of melanoma almost every hour (every 62 minutes).

– The American Cancer Society

Be Healthy

Glow Sunless!

A healthy glow will give you a thinner and younger appearance along with a boost of confidence!

Helps Hide:

With No:


Our Team

Mary Jane Bischoff

Owner & Technician

Meet Mary Jane, the owner of the award winning, You Glow Spay Tan in South Tampa.

You Glow Spay Tan has been in business since 2010 and has a stellar reputation for offering custom spray tans and excellent service with a long list of regular clients. An exceptional tanning salon, You Glow has been rated the number one tanning salon in the Tampa Bay area for six consecutive years in a row.

Prior to buying You Glow in 2015 Mary Jane was busy growing her spray tanning business in Clearwater. With over a decade of custom spray tanning experience she is no stranger to the fine art of custom spraying. In fact she originally learned spray techniques by spraying high-end machinery with paint and coatings at production companies such as Boeing. It turned out that these intricate skills translated surprisingly well to body spraying!

Mary Jane perfected her skills by earning Norvell’s certification as a Sunless Spray Tanning Technician in 2011. To further her spray tanning skills and knowledge she completed an advanced training and certification course at You Glow Spray Tanning 2012.

Mary Jane is committed to cultivating optimal health through diet and exercise. Her dedication to a healthy lifestyle overflows into her business so You Glow provides healthy tanning options using the highest quality products and organic solutions. She is also very passionate about making people feel beautiful and confident and makes it a priority to educate her clientele on safe tanning practices.

She happily resides with her husband Garett and son Waylon in Clearwater, Florida.

Traci Fabyanic


Traci’s background is very diverse and it all relates to detailed and precise practices. With over 20 years of work experience, her main focus and passion related to baking and pastry culinary work. She graduated from L’Academie de Cuisine in 2001 and moved to Tampa from Northern Virginia in 2005. We’ll just say… perfectionist. Traci’s hobbies include painting (since the age of 12), going to the beach and swimming. She fell in love with spray tanning because she was never able to achieve a tan outdoors, even after spending a lot of her youth trying to. She loves the confidence spray tanning gives women and men of ALL AGES! Traci has been part of the You Glow family for over 10 years. Her bubbly and cheerful personality is contagious and perks up the entire studio.

Isabella Mansueto


Isabella is originally from New York, but she made Tampa her home 4 years ago. She recently graduated from The University of Tampa with a Health Science degree, however she has been a licensed esthetician for roughly 4 years now. Branching into the world of skincare is where she found her passion for spray tanning. She loves being able to help clients gain that confidence boost and making them feel more beautiful. Some of her other hobbies include trying out new restaurants, attending music festivals, and traveling!

Ragina Rhodes


Ragina was born and raised in Orlando, FL where she married and had two children. Her family was relocated to Colorado Springs, CO where her husband was serving in the military. After 16 wonderful years living in beautiful Colorado, she had recently moved back to her home state where she can enjoy the warm weather, beautiful beaches, and a more laid-back lifestyle. She has enjoyed a 14-year career in the beauty industry as a licensed Esthetician. Her career in skincare led her to discovering spray tanning, where she realized her passion for the artistry of airbrush tanning. She has been a certified spray tan technician for 6 years. She really enjoys helping others to feel more confident and beautiful by providing healthy skin care treatments. Her hobbies are hiking, camping, paddleboarding, and pretty much anything that allows her to be outdoors connected with nature. She also enjoys cooking, yoga, and spending time with family and friends.

Christina Gomez


Christina’s love for beauty, self care and fashion has been a lifelong passion. When she was just 4yrs old Christina began cutting and redesigning her clothes to make them unique. She loves enhancing the natural beauty that people already possess and being able to customize every clients’ spray tan experience, helping them achieve personalized, beautiful glows. To maximize her career and be able to accommodate everyone’s beauty needs and desires at the highest levels, Christina is attending the Beauty & Health Institute. She is into all natural and organic everything and she enjoys staying active, eating healthy, and spending time with her family.

Morgan Somma


Morgan was born and raised in Maryland, she moved to Tampa 14 years ago where she attended HB Plant High school. In the beginning of October 2022, she enrolled into Pinellas Technical College to complete her esthetician license. Morgan has been doing esthetician work for 2 years doing a diverse range of services and developed a love for spray tanning. She wants every woman to feel their absolute best with the utmost confidence. Morgan’s favorite part of spray tanning is highlighting and contouring to top off that perfect You Glow Spray Tan. Morgan spends her free time outside of work adventuring and loves exploring Florida’s hidden gem locations. Some of her other hobbies include cooking, running, being outside, camping, and spending time with her family and friends.

Rachel Glass


Rachel has been living in Tampa for 11 years after her family moved around a lot in her early years, this experience grew her long term love for travel. After spending much of her days tanning by a pool or the beach, Rachel was in search for healthier alternatives to being tan.This is where she found her love for spray tans, seeing how much a tan can give a boost of confidence without the dangerous effects of sun tanning. Rachel has always loved to find ways to make everyone’s beauty shine by helping her family and friends find the right outfit or makeup look. Her goal is to help clients enhance their natural beauty, feel more comfortable in their skin, and leave the studio feeling glowingly confident.

Izalah Rivera


Izalah, born in Greenville, South Carolina, has spent her entire life in Tampa. Her passion for beauty ignited during her childhood, accompanying her mother to the spray tan salon and various beauty treatments. This experience fueled her desire to become an aesthetician. With her innate charisma, Izalah has developed strong interpersonal skills over the years, delighting in building relationships with clients and helping them achieve their beauty goals with a You Glow Spray Tan.