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Tampa A List 2012 Award for Best Tanning

2012 Award for Best Tanning

2011 Best Of Bay "Best Suntan Without Going to the Beach"

Best Suntan Without Going to the Beach

CBS Tampa Bay - Best Spray Tan Salons in Tampa

Best Spray Tan Salons in Tampa

Proud Chamber of Commerce Member;

Proud Chamber of Commerce Member





And What our Clients are saying

ABSOLUTELY LOVED MY TAN! It was my first time and I felt very welcomed. I went to a trip to Miami afterwards and felt so beautiful. Will be coming back for sure. 10/10 recommend! 🙂 its been 5 days so far and still have the perfect tan!

Jesadai G.

By far the best, most affordable place to get a spray tan or a custom spray tan. They take tanning seriously and clean their machines regularly. they’ve also developed tips and tricks so that you get the best possible tan that last the longest. There are also more affordable than other places.

Maggie S.

I went to You Glow for the first time for my wedding. I have beige/fair skin and was really nervous about the possibility of looking orange, or having my tan rub off on my white clothes. They reassured me, provided me with a ton of tips and tricks that I followed to a T, and the tan worked out PERFECTLY! They even highlighted some of my muscle lines, which looked beautiful in every photo! I HIGHLY recommend and will definitely be back!

Jordan N.

I’m from Denver and I had a long work trip the week before my vacation and flew into Tampa desperate for a spray tan. Not knowing the area, I relied on Google reviews and let me tell you…the 5 stars for You Glow Spray Tan were spot on! What an amazing, personalized, fantastic experience. These women KNOW spray tans and really took the time to create the perfect tan for me. Thank you for getting me “pool ready” for my week in Key West!

Elizabeth G.

I absolutely love this place. I’ve gone here quite a few times now for a spray tan and have yet to have a less than perfect experience, reasonably priced and flawless tan every time. Spray tans have always scared me, so happy I found this place. Would absolutely recommend it to anyone and everyone.

Kalli H.

This place is incredibly thorough. They email you a list of instructions before your appointment. I never thought to use sugar to exfoliate, but it worked wonders! I followed every single instruction to a tee and I left with a beautiful tan. I did a custom spray tan and the woman who did it was amazing. I’ve never felt so comfortable standing naked getting sprayed with cold air. She kept up a cheerful chatter during most of the session. She was definitely a pro. I did this for a boudoir photo shoot and the photographer even asked me where I got the tan done. She said it looked amazing! I was trying to even out my terrible tan lines and they did a fantastic job. The photographer said she didn’t even notice my tan lines! They do a very good job at making your bronze and not orange at all. I highly recommend this place!

Christina J.

Very BEST spray tan in Tampa! Thanks so much for using a product with only with the finest exotic natural and organic ingredients containing antioxidants!! And it’s Gluten Free!
Deserves every five star rating.

Deloris Kent

Amazing custom tan! These girls are accommodating and will educate you on how to make your tan last. They make everything super comfortable during the process. The rooms are stocked with the appropriate lotions and wipes needed to get you spray tan ready (read your pre-arrival Directions first for optimal results) and your tan facilitator will do the rest was asked questions about how I typically tan & I showed pictures so my tan consultant could get an idea of my skin color & what I was seeking. She was a pro and was informative throughout the whole process, letting me know when and how to move, what areas she was covering, that she was using contouring methods on my face,arms, and an area. Wonderful services, I’ll be back!!

Claire K.

Before Friday, I had never had a spray tan. I was terrified of looking orange and fake. I’d rather just be pale! My sister and I both had custom spray tans and absolutely couldn’t be happier with the results. I have very pale skin with naturally blonde hair and blue eyes. So if anyone was going to look orange I just knew it was going to be me. I could not have been more incorrect! The tan is so even and such a pretty color. There has been no streaking or splotchiness. The only thing I will do differently next time (because there will definitely be a next time 🙂 ) is not have my face sprayed. My face doesn’t tan naturally, so having my face as dark as my body looked strange to me and made it somewhat difficult to apply and contour my makeup since I wasn’t used to that. Very, very pleased with the experience overall. Thanks You Glow.

Katy Duren Hamm

Needed to get a spray tan last minute, this place was awesome. They worked me into their schedule and were great at explaining everything. I’ve had multiple spray tans before, but this place tops them all. Highly recommend. It’s a week later now and I’m still receiving compliments on my skin color

Grace H.