Spray Tans

An extended consultation with a certified technician will determine the best custom spray tan option for you. We consider many factors such as skin type, skin condition, desired outcome, special event needs and development time restrictions when selecting which product to use from our large spray tan solution inventory.

Custom spray tans are DETAILED! The ability to contour body parts such as arms, abs and legs are one of the many reasons a custom spray tan will make you look and feel your best.

You Glow Custom Spray Tan

Includes a detailed consultation with one of our certified technicians. We evaluate your needs such as desired color, upcoming events or trips, and skin type. Your certified technician then chooses one of our organic-based
solutions to best fit your specific skin tone.

A custom spray tan includes complimentary highlights, contours, and body sculpting!
Post spray tan instructions will be provided to ensure you achieve optimal results.

Rapid Glow Custom Spray Tan

Short on time but still need that GLOW? Our rapid tan organic-based solutions require you to shower within 1-4 hours. You will still receive a detailed consultation with one of our certified technicians.
Also includes complimentary highlights, contours, and body sculpting.

Must Be Redeemed at Location Where Purchased. Packages Cannot Be Shared


Star Treatment Mobile Services/Outside normal hours:



  • Height Sensor Technology
  • 3 Spray Nozzles; Complete and accurate coverage for all body types.
  • Programmable – with over 50 custom combinations, including face or legs only. 
  • Heated drying application; No toweling off. Exit completely dry and ready to re-dress.
  • Voice Automated System to guide you through the session.
  • Long-Lasting results.
  • Natural base ingredients with antioxidants.

VersaPro Booth

At You Glow it is all about OPTIONS. Our certified technicians can help you choose over 50 different booth spray tan combinations, so you have the perfect GLOW. You have many options such as lighter on your face, darker legs, or even a rapid tan where you can shower in 2-4 hours. Our booth solution is gluten & paraben free, and is infused with marine algae to detoxify, firm, and rejuvenate the skin.

Enjoy a relaxing booth experience, resulting in a beautiful natural spray tan.

Must Be Redeemed at Location Where Purchased. Packages Cannot Be Shared

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Bridal Packages

A custom and healthy GLOW will make you look and feel your best on your special day! If you are interested in booking our studio for a bridal party, we have options to make your spray tan party safe and fun.

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Glowing Reviews

Katy B.
Katy B.
October 27, 2020.
Great experience for my first spray tan! I am very pale and was worried about looking orange, but the spray tan looked very natural and was exactly what I was looking for! The ladies who work here are very friendly and listen to you and help explain the process. Will definitely be going back - can't recommend this place enough!
Lauren L.
Lauren L.
September 27, 2020.
I have been tanning for years but never did spray tans. Traci did a custom rapid tan for me and from the initial encounter to the finished tan, it was a great experience. She's so knowledgeable and explained the entire process. She literally perfected my tan and asked questions about the upcoming event I have. I followed instructions and have zero steaks and amazing color. I could not be happier with my experience. Also, she had a mask and gloves on the entire time. The salon is super clean. I am definitely going to be a returning customer and will refer my friends.
Tamara W.
Tamara W.
July 1, 2020.
I do not think I could have had a better first experience! I have sun damage, I have had skin cancer so I've been pale for 4 years after the diagnosis. I was not happy with all the paleness and tried multiple self tanners with never any real results. The custom tan from You Glow was definitely the answer and I am totally hooked forever. I am 100% ready to be summer time ready once again but without any harmful sun worshiping. Avoiding the sun is no problem now that You Glow is in my life.
Joshua A.
Joshua A.
June 5, 2020.
A review for dudes new to spray tans: Ok guys check it out. I get it! You wanna look awesome. Problem: You're pale, your work at the gym isn't showing as much as you'd like, but you don't want to look 50 when you're 35 from countless sunburns. But spray tanning?! NO WAY! These ladies with these whack spray tans. You'd never look like that! Check it out! You don't have to! Those ridiculous looking spray tans are from automatic booths and cheap drugstore bottles. They are applied unevenly and they look TERRIBLE. Insert the CUSTOM spray tan, my doubtful manly friend. Think of the booth and bottle tans as like taking your ride through a gas station car wash and think of the custom tan as a total detailing of your vehicle. I promise you've seen tons of ladies and fellas with these custom spray tans, but you never knew it! You just thought they were real cool, but you couldn't quite put your finger on why. Now that we've established that custom spray tans, done by hand, look AWESOME. You gotta know who does em best. Here in Tampa - it's YouGlow! People are always fooled by my natural looking custom spray tan! Take, for instance, this real life example:   Karen from accounting: "You got some sun this weekend!" Me: "No, Karen from accounting, it's a damn paint job." Karen from accounting: "Well, golly gosh, you are looking fiiiine." Now, guys, don't go running in there all pumped trying to rush a custom spray cause I told you my secret on looking awesome. You gotta call and make an appointment. There's weird stuff involved like scrubbing your body with sugar at home first. I usually blast "pour some sugar on me!" In the shower while I do this to help "manly" this process up a bit. There's a bunch more rules, too. You gotta follow em if you want to look awesome. So be a bit patient and read the email they send you. Now go book your first custom spray tan, dudes! They serve a free glass of wine, but dammit you better demand they start carrying white claws and cigar city's Jai Alai! Oh they have a booth there, too. Don't use it. We discussed the booth thing already. Weren't you listening?!
Haley M.
Haley M.
March 14, 2020.
I look like a damn bronze goddess. Thank you thank you!!!!! It was done swiftly and timely before I had to work. I think I'm hooked.
Carolyn K.
Carolyn K.
February 10, 2020.
A million times YES to this spray tan salon. I came down to Sarasota for a three day weekend but had time before picking up a friend on a different flight coming into Tampa so I decided to get a spray tan. I chose this place based on the reviews here and I am so glad I did. I am pretty pale and can only go for a light shade. And it doesn't take a big mistake to make me look orange or unnatural, sometimes it just happens because my natural color is so light. I have had my fair share of fake tan embarrassments and fouls. Rest assured that the products this place uses and the people they employ are magical, and they will create a look that's right for you. The technician was funny and easy going, the process didn't feel awkward or embarrassing at all since she made me feel so at ease. The whole process takes approx 10-15 minutes. The product did NOT get all over my clothing. It developed naturally and lasted about a week. I was so confident walking out of there and going to the beach. When I come back to Tampa this is my go to place for all things fake tan.
Maria B.
Maria B.
November 9, 2019.
Came here for my wedding airbrush and I'm glad I did. Great experience! Staff knowledgeable and thorough. High quality product too - the Tan lasted 10 days!
Elizabeth M.
Elizabeth M.
August 8, 2019.
I can not say enough good things about You Glow Spray Tan! My first appointment I had mistakenly made the appointment for the wrong day, and they were nice enough to squeeze me in that day anyway! When I came back the next time, the staff was pleasant and remembered me. It was very busy as it was spring break here, but I did not feel rushed at all. As someone who participated in pageants, I can say You Glow is the only spray tan that I trust to get me perfect 10s!
Kira W.
Kira W.
July 24, 2019.
I've been spray tanning for years and just moved to tampa 6 months ago and discovered you glow.   They are awesome!   Every tan I've had has been excellent and the staff are all so great!    Personally, I love Julianne because of her great personality and the preciseness of her tans.    Everyone else that has ever spray me has also been wonderful!!!
Lexi S.
Lexi S.
May 22, 2019.
This was my first spray tan and after reading horror stories of other spray tan salons, I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprised with my results. Julie (I think that's her name?) walked me through every step and reassured me the entire time since I was really nervous. She was also so friendly and it wasn't awkward or uncomfortable at all. I highly recommend you follow the steps they give you before your spray tan before you come in to ensure you get even results. I would also watch how much you put your arms down after. My underarms were not completely dry yet so I got a small smudge on my armpit from extra color transferring to that area. For my first spray tan, I am really happy with the results and highly recommend this place.